Land Appraisal:
Nexus Developments appraise land with respect to its value for commercial or residential development. We consult with the appropriate planning and building control authorities to determine what development might be possible and practical. This information, in conjunction with current property valuations, enables us to put a realistic value on undeveloped sites.

Nexus work with clients to determine the preferred and most effective marketing strategy for their property. Our relationships with some of Scotland’s largest and specialist house builders and commercial developers allows us to work effectively and discreetly on your behalf.

Planning Approvals:
Often property values can be massively increased if planning permission for a change of use of the property is obtained prior to going to market. Our team can discuss with the authorities which proposals are appropriate, design schemes and prepare plans applications for outline and detailed planning and building control approval.

If you have land or property you wish to sell please contact us on 0141 429 2525,
Email us at or fill out our Enquiry Form.


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